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Who Me Too'd this topic

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How do you post your credit card transactions?


I'm a new Concur user and have a few questions I hope someone can help with. 

During any month, credit card transactions for a month typically do not get fully approved and submitted in the same periond. We therefore have some unassigned and unsubmitted charges.

The approved charges get posted to our accounting sytem via an upload, resulting a debit to the appropriate expense a/c and a credit to AP. Bear in mind that the amount charged to AP will be less than the amount shown as current month charges per statement due to unassigned/unsubmitted transactions.

We pay the credit card company in full but that payment can only be partially applied to the AP credit from the upload, leaving an inapplied credit in the vendor account. 

We post a reversing entry to accrue for unassigned/unsubmitted transactions and post an entry to account for any previously unassigned/unsubmitted transactions which have since been submitted in Concur. 

The challenge noted here is that AP will not be corret until ALL charges are posted to the account. 

I'd like to know how you post your transactions as this doesn't appear to be the most efficient means. Thanks in advance!


Who Me Too'd this topic