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Who Me Too'd this topic

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Which sessions will you choose?

Hi everyone! Our session catalog for Fusion 2022 is here -- check it out. We have sessions for everyone and every role, organized into five tracks.


  • Reshape your spend strategy: Oversight is more vital than ever, and the right tools, processes, and policies can ensure all spend goes through the right channels.
  • Refocus on controls and compliance: Discover how to close loopholes and provide efficient enforcement that minimizes fraud and noncompliance without affecting the employee experience.
  • Reestablish your travel program: Learn how to get business moving safely and sustainably, while remaining adaptable and supportive of travelers’ needs.
  • Reinvent the employee experience: Frustration is likely as employees face new policies and relearn technology and processes. Discover tools, training, and communication tactics to keep employees productive and happy.
  • Reset for growth: With markets worldwide working through stops and restarts, it’s essential to manage global nuances and provide the organizational support needed for momentum, all while staying agile.

Will you be joining us in person at Fusion in March? What are you most looking forward to? 


-the SAP Concur events team


Who Me Too'd this topic