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Who Me Too'd this topic

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Approving new Vendors in Concur invoice

Hey Community!

We are looking at using Concur to request and approve new vendors, but I have a few questions which I am struggling to find answers for:

1) Approval workflow - is this definable or does it follow one of the existing work flows and if so, which one and what if you are using cost object approval? Or does the Vendor Request just go to one 'Vendor Manager' role to approve? We require dual approval on new vendors and these people may be different depending on the vendor so is this customisable?

2) The Vendor portal in Concur assigns a unique Vendor Address ID to a new vendor request and my understanding is that this is the unique 'key' which your accounting system uses to 'match' vendors - currently our Vendor Address ID is based on the Vendor ID in our ERP - does this mean our Vendor ID numbering convention will need to change to whatever Concur assigns to the Vendor at the request stage? Or can the Vendor Address ID and Vendor ID in Concur be different values, where our ERP Vendor ID matches the Vendor ID in Concur and the Vendor Address ID in Cocnur remains unique and populates a different field in our ERP?

3) Is the approved Vendor extract an automated extract or manual process? Is the information captured by the vendor request custmisable or standard?

4) Does anyone use this feature and have time for a quick chat and/or have any positive/negative feedback?

Thanks in advance!


Who Me Too'd this topic