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Who Me Too'd this topic

Who Me Too'd this topic

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Expense Delegation to a Group of Users

WE will have a pool of about 7 support personnel that will be responsible to submit expenses for about 50 – 70 users (number will change when new users are added or new support people are added)  We know that for expense delegates to be added, it can either be done by the end user who needs support or from the admin console.  WE are trying to avoid both of those options and were curious if Concur has a solution to allow a pool of users to be setup as expense delegates.  Obviously with security and our SSO setup, we will not want to share any login credentials so any 1 of the 7 support people would still just log into Concur under their own accounts and then proxy into the respective user who needs to support.  So basically we are looking to get some guidance and advice from Concur on what options are available to have a group of people be setup as Expense delegates.

Thomas Stagliano, M.I.T.
Who Me Too'd this topic