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Who Me Too'd this topic

Who Me Too'd this topic

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Bank account stuck on unconfirmed


  • Last week (2nd August) I entered my bank account details into Concur for the first time
  • Today I noticed that the status was still set as "unconfirmed"
  • I noticed that the address and post code I entered were wrong
  • I updated them and clicked "save and authorize"


  • In the account history below, I can only see one entry saying last changed on 2nd August (time when I entered my - incorrect - bank details the first time).
  • The message from the 2nd August states "The account confirmation transaction has begun processing. The employee should verify the payment to their account in two banking days days."
  • I obviously have not received that payment
  • There aren't any new entries in the account history confirming that a new validation payment is being made to my updated bank account (with correct address and post code)
  • Equally, I am unable to delete this entry and re-start from scratch by making a new one
  • Seems like I'm stuck with an "unconfirmed" bank account and unable to submit expenses


Any suggestions on what to do next?

Who Me Too'd this topic