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Who Me Too'd this topic

Who Me Too'd this topic

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when will invoice truly support credit cards?

I think we would all agree that it's normal to buy by credit card.  I think some would agree that certain purchases and projects require credit cards to be used for purchase, invoiced purchased, and/or a combination of both.  The issue is that there is not really a good way to in the system using either invoice or T&E to do it.  


- Invoice purchase approvals don't reconcile CC transactions

- T&E only looks at credit cards for its approval.  And even that, when you reconcile, you must use 1 report per approval to even make it truly reconcile.. well that's unaffordable to even consider.  Also, your overall project costs is never associated wtih the approval.  


I know some ways that I think the system could work, but that's asking development and concur to improve the product, which who knows if that would even happen or how long it would take.  So, my question...  How, are you handling pre-approvals that needed for a project that includes both credit card and invoice transaction?  Also, how are you ensuring a clean reconcile with that?

Who Me Too'd this topic