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Who Me Too'd this topic

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Payment Options for users with no credit card in Profile

Looking to see how others might handle the situtation where certain users within a configuration do not have a corporate card and are not willing to enter a personal credit card within their but a card is espeically needed for booking hotesl.  See below our situation in the APAC region.


In AU, if employee has corporate card, it will be charged to their corp card. However, if employee does not have corp card, they are not willing to use their own personal credit card to pay hotels as that will take up their credit limit. For guest booking, they are also not willing to get candidates to pay first and claim from us later. That is why we need this option to pay for the hotels/car rentals of candidates as well as employees with no corp card.

In SG, generally people without corp card are willing to pay with own credit card first. However, we have some junior staffs who may need to travel but because they do not have a credit card facility, we used to authorise the hotels to charge to one of our card holder’s corp card account. 


Thank you



Thomas Stagliano, M.I.T.
Who Me Too'd this topic