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About the Author
Barry Moltz gets small businesses unstuck. As a small business expert, Barry Moltz gets owners growing again by unlocking their long-forgotten potential. With decades of entrepreneurial experience in his own business ventures as well as consulting countless other entrepreneurs, Barry has discovered the formula to get stuck business owners unstuck and marching forward. As a small business expert, Barry applies simple, strategic steps to facilitate change.

Small Business Expo with Barry Moltz

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SAP Concur had a great time supporting small business owners at the recent Small Business Expo in Chicago. Our guest speaker and Small Business Expert, Barry Moltz, helped the audience gain a better understanding of the financial performance of your business, essential for making informed decisions about the future.


Click here to get Barry’s new ebook, “10 Tiny Financial Habits of the Richest Small Business Owners.” Inside you’ll learn about different types of financial statements, how to set up and update an annual budget, the importance of guarding your cash flow, and more.