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About the Author
Julaine Smith, CPA, is Managing Partner of Accountant Smart, a public accounting firm located in Issaquah, WA, that provides outsourced accounting solutions which help entrepreneurs launch new companies, grow top-line revenues and protect bottom-line profits. Smith is also the founder of ARISE Business Solutions' G Corporation certification program, a business and leadership development program designed to help faith-driven business owners define their purpose beyond profits and create shared value. She is the former division CFO for AT&T Broadband, a former radio talk show host, author and speaker. Smith serves on several private company and non-profit boards of directors, including the Seattle-based social enterprise, FareStart. She began her career at Price Waterhouse and received her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration-Accounting from California State University, [Hayward] East Bay. She is a wife and mother, and resides in Bellevue, WA.

Purpose, Passion, and Profit with CPA Julaine Smith

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During the years following her tenure as a Fortune 500 CFO, author and CPA, Julaine Smith discovered several key elements that must be present in highly successful business women who desire to achieve a level of significance beyond the normal business metrics. Watch this exclusive SAP Business Exchange presentation as Julaine shares her story around Purpose, Passion, Profits, a life roadmap that is not only rewarding and profitable, but fully grounded in your life's purpose.