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How do I handle fraudulent charges on my company credit card in SAP Concur?

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Community Manager
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If you are an end-user and have an imported company card transaction in your SAP Concur account that you think is a fraudulent charge, we recommend following these steps:

  1. Contact your credit card company right away and dispute the fraudulent charge. The number of the credit card company can be found on the back of your company credit card.
  2. When the disputed charge appears in your Available Expenses as a negative amount, add the fraudulent charge and the credit (refund) charge to an expense report.
  3. Use the Comments field on each line item to explain that the charge is fraudulent and that you have received a credit.
  4. Submit the report when all expenses have been added.

Note: If your company has enabled deleting company card transactions and they have advised you to do so, delete the transactions from your Available Expenses. To delete company card transactions from Available Expenses:

  1. When logged into SAP Concur, from the home screen, click Expense at the top of the screen.
  2. On the Manage Expenses screen, scroll down to the Available Expenses section.
  3. Select both the fraudulent charge and the credit (refund) transaction.
  4. Click Delete.

Our customers have several different ways for handling fraudulent charges and their corresponding credits/refunds. For detailed steps on how to submit fraudulent/accidental charges and refunds, click How do I reconcile credits (refunded transactions) in SAP Concur.




Once your credit card company refunds the transaction, you will see the refunded charge as a negative transaction on SAP Concur. You may then:

Submit both the line items (the charge and the refund) in a report, or

Delete them (remove from your Available Expenses section) if your company advises you to do so.