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Support Phone Number

For Administrators and Authorized Support Contacts:
Call +1 855-895-4815 and select the Authorized Support Contact option from the menu. See more information.

For End Users:
To see what your support options are, please read: SAP Concur Support Overview.

How Do I Troubleshoot Issues With the Mileage Calculator?

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The Mileage Calculator in Concur Expense is powered by Google Maps. Because of this, we do not have the capability from the SAP Concur side to configure or adjust how Google Maps is working.


We can offer a couple of tips though:

1. SAP Concur recommends using Chrome as your browser since the Mileage Calculator is powered by Google Maps.

2. Check for any pop-up blockers or Browser Extensions that may be causing issues.

3. For issues with an address not being found or pointing to the wrong location, open a new browser tab and go to Google Maps. Check the address to see if it resolves to a different location. If yes, you can report the issue to Google by following these steps:

  • Click Suggest an edit on *address* window that appears on the left side of the screen
  • Select Wrong pin location or address
  • Fill in the correct details and edit the pin location
  • Click Post 

For any other issues, you or your site administrator can submit a help ticket* to Concur Support.


*Submitting a help ticket is reserved for SAP Concur customers that have purchased our User Support Desk service or for Authorized Support Contacts. To see if you can submit a ticket, sign in to your SAP Concur account. Click the question mark in the upper-right corner. From the menu that appears, look to see if there is a Contact Support option. If so, you can submit a help ticket. If not, your site administrator will need to do this for you.