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Support Phone Number

For Administrators and Authorized Support Contacts:
Call +1 (855) 895-4815 and select the Authorized Support Contact option from the menu. See more information.

For End Users:
To access your dedicated User Support Desk phone number, please log into your SAP Concur system, click on Help, then click on Contact Support. See more information.

How Do I Export Expense Reports to Excel as an Expense Processor?

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If you have the Expense Processor permission and need to export Expense Reports to MS Excel, follow these steps:


  1. Login to SAP Concur.
  2. Click the Expense tab.
  3. Select Processor > Process Reports.
  4. Click the Run Query button.
  5. Select the query that you wish to run.
  6. Select Send To Excel below the query results.


If you want to see more report information in your Excel file, you can add the necessary columns to your view.

  1. Go to Expense > Processor > Process Reports.
  2. Click List Settings.
  3. Select the Columns that should be displayed. After the columns have been added, you can click and drag the columns to reorder them.
  4. Click OK.
  • Exporting Concur Requests to Excel is done in the same way as shown above.

For more information, please refer to the Expense Processor guide.