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What's going on in the travel industry today? Hear from SAP Concur travel leaders

There’s no doubt the only thing constant in the travel industry is change.


It can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends and technology to support employees and business priorities, but SAP Concur is here to guide you every step of the way.


In this interview, you will hear from Charlie Sultan, President of SAP Concur Travel, and Brian Hace, Head of Travel Products and TMC Services at SAP Concur, on several different topics including:

  • What is happening in the travel industry today and how is it affecting corporate travel
  • Current trends that global travel leaders and our customers should be aware of
  • The future of some of our solutions here at SAP Concur

Stick around until the end where Charlie and Brian leave you with the #1 thing they want you to take away from this discussion. Watch the interview below today!


About This Author
I help elevate the voices and success stories of our amazing customers here at SAP Concur through storytelling, case studies, testimonials, and other forms of content. When I'm not publishing new content here on SAP Concur Community, you can probably find me playing board games (like Splendor) or exploring my home city of Spokane, Washington.