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Top 8 Tips from SAP Concur Administrators (hear from folks just like you!)

Have you ever wondered what other SAP Concur administrators do to get more time back in their day?

Now you can have a first-hand look into what 4 administrators from the US, UK, and Australia do with their products, solutions, and the SAP Concur Community to maximize the investment and stay productive and curious - all while moving their businesses forward.

In this video, we're sharing with you the top 8 tips we heard from administrators just like you. Skip to what is relevant to you or watch from beginning to end - you never know what tip might come in handy or what you'll learn! Don't forget to keep the conversation going by becoming a part of the Admin Group here on SAP Concur Community.

00:47 - Tip #1: Keep pushing yourself and your travel & expense program
02:26 - Tip #2: Use the production sandbox to your advantage
02:58 - Tip #3: Tackle training from several different angles
04:30 - Tip #4: Push mobile with all your people
05:04 - Tip #5: Make P-cards part of your program
06:06 - Tip #6: Use reporting to your advantage
08:32 - Tip #7: Keep integration top of mind
09:34 - Tip #8: Stay connected to the SAP Concur Community


About This Author
I manage the Timely Topics Education Series and Reporting Hub here on SAP Concur Community. If you're an admin, my main focus is to help you make the most of the SAP Concur solutions you already have through educational content like short webinars, demo videos, and quick tips. Please message me if you have ideas on what resources you'd like to see more of - I'd love to hear from you. When I'm not publishing new content, you can probably find me playing board games (like Splendor), hanging out somewhere on the waterfront here in Seattle, or *attempting* to learn how to play the's not going so well.