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Top 5 Benefits of the SAP Concur App Center in 15 Minutes

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The SAP Concur App Center is made up of more than 250 partners – all trying to help you reduce costs, increase efficiency, improve compliance, enhance the travel experience, and inform better business decisions. It’s THE destination to get the most out of your AP Concur solution.
Click HERE to access the session now and see what the SAP Concur App Center can do for your business (and keep your employees happy).
Prefer to read? Here are the top 5 benefits we pulled from this webinar. With an entire network of app partners to help, you can...
1. Mitigate the compliance risks of a distributed workforce. App Center experts are there to help you manage cross-border tax and immigration issues, from improving visibility into tax liabilities to giving you a heads up on growing risks. They can also point out the employees who are triggering liabilities and support others with automated assessments of immigration requirements before they travel.
2.  Enhance the duty of care you provide employees. The network gives you duty of care fundamentals to take care of your mobile workforce, including travel safety and crisis management protocols, 24/7 support and communication services for travelers, emergency contact lists to assist and extract employees, and employee-tracking systems that enable two-way communication.
3. Expand visibility by connecting your financial systems. In the SAP Concur App Center, you can find integrations for more than 55 of the most common financial solutions to help you easily exchange data between HR, finance, and your travel, expense, and invoice solutions. So you get better visibility into accurate and up-to-date information. And you can manage it without the manual work.
4. Identify new sources of savings. Three of the biggest money-saving benefits you’ll see from your App Center partners include ways to redirect unnecessary spending (money that’s accidentally spent outside of policy), tools to guide and motivate travelers to make the most affordable choices, and tips for enhancing and automating your AP payments to reduce late charges and overpayments.
5. Improve employee experiences. Show your employees you’re committed to making work more enjoyable by working with partners who simplify travel – from in-flight wi-fi to language translation; plus partners who can help you find parking or reserve a meeting room, while charges flow automatically into Concur Expense. They’re small, simple things, but they add up to an easier, better employee experience and happier, more productive employees.
About This Author
As a member of the Global Customer Lifecycle Marketing Team, Naomi is dedicated to creating programs and resources that help to support customers at each stage of their journey. She is focused on providing consistent value and tangible takeaways that customers can leverage to truly help them in their work. While Naomi is a new employee at SAP Concur (as of March 2020), she has been a passionate customer advocate throughout her 20-year marketing career.