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New Concur Travel Rollout

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New Concur Travel Rollout

The new Concur Travel rollout began in Q4 2023, and it is truly an evolution of the platform and booking services that will be delivered in phases. Our goal is to provide an experience which builds upon our existing travel platform, delivering an intuitive and enhanced end-to-end travel and expense solution. The focus is on providing our customers with features and functionality which tackle the most pressing challenges in travel.


Use the below resources to learn more about the new Concur Travel experience by reviewing our roadmap, release notes, FAQ with commonly asked questions, rollout preference setting details, and eligibility and qualification documentation.



  •  To ensure minimal disruption for our customers we will not enable new functionality on your configurations if you have any settings enabled which wouldn’t work if enabled.
  • We encourage you to review your settings and disable anything which may not be in use or outdated. This will accelerate your transition to the new experience.
  • Learn more in this overview and detailed documentation.



  • For more information on the new Concur Travel, technical documentation, enabling the configuration for the new experience and more, please review the Release notes.


As with any modern software update, allowing your travelers to experience feature updates automatically is the best experience to optimize your solution and requires no action to take advantage of new features as they become available to your organization.

As we roll out the new travel experience, however, if you find it necessary to allow for a transition period, you can manage your preferences within the administration site.

Learn more about rollout preferences setting.

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