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More in Minutes: Strengthen your Travel Program with Concur® TripLink

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The More in Minutes video series gives you quick and easy-to-apply tips for getting even more out of the SAP Concur solutions you already have.

In this video, we're sharing tips to help you get the most out of Concur® TripLink by making sure it's supporting your company's travel strategy and program.


Jump to the information you may find most helpful:

00:00 - 01:22: Introduction & The Bottom Line: travelers need flexibility

01:23 - 03:25: Tip #1, Update your messaging preferences that align with your travel policy

03:26 - 04:07: Remind traveler's what's in it for them

04:08 - END: Tip#2, Discount Codes

About This Author
I manage the Timely Topics Education Series and Reporting Hub here on SAP Concur Community. If you're an admin, my main focus is to help you make the most of the SAP Concur solutions you already have through educational content like short webinars, demo videos, and quick tips. Please message me if you have ideas on what resources you'd like to see more of - I'd love to hear from you. When I'm not publishing new content, you can probably find me playing board games (like Splendor), hanging out somewhere on the waterfront here in Seattle, or *attempting* to learn how to play the's not going so well.