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2023 New Concur Travel Recap

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2023 New Concur Travel Recap  


Many new and exciting things have rolled out in the new Concur Travel in 2023.  


In 2023, Concur Travel reached a significant milestone by introducing our new booking experience. This exciting development started with the launch of Sabre GDS content in the US market, providing our qualifying customers with a new enhanced travel and expense experience, including better information and guidance for more sustainable travel. 


We’ve compiled a list of the latest updates: 

  • The new Concur Travel features enhanced travel planning by integrating Sabre EDIFACT and GDS content, offering detailed flight, hotel, and car rental options, advanced seat maps, environmental impact calculations, and improved accessibility compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 for a seamless booking experience. 
  • Streamlined booking processes with unified air search experiences, detailed in-flight amenities information, and an omnisearch wizard for car rentals, alongside enriched hotel content and imagery, empower travelers to make informed, policy-compliant decisions for a more comfortable and sustainable trip. 
  • Direct Booking with Air France-KLM via Travelfusion: Enjoy the convenience of shopping and booking Air France-KLM Group NDC content directly through SAP Concur, which is available to all customers. 
  • Sabre NDC Content Integration: Experience improved travel booking with Sabre's NDC content in Concur Travel, featuring enhanced product information, better sorting, and modern greenhouse-gas emissions calculations (currently available with American Airlines and United). 
  • Focus on Sustainability: Make environmentally conscious travel decisions with our new hotel sustainability data points and enjoy a more sustainable travel planning experience. 
  • Travel Itinerary Enhancement: Our updated API allows for accessing trip data up to six months old, ensuring you have all the information you need for future and past travel. 
About This Author
Whitney McLellan is an experienced marketing manager on the Global Customer Marketing team at SAP Concur focused on product update customer communications. She puts her passion for marketing and customer experience into all of her work to help drive success.