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User Support Desk: Product Guide for Admins

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New to User Support Desk? Start here!


Whether you're new to SAP Concur or just new to User Support Desk, this easy-to-follow guide was created to help you learn about this additional solution. From what to expect, how it works, and who to call for support, this guide provides you with the information you need all in one place. User Support Desk gives employees access to dedicated, 24/7 support from knowledgeable SAP Concur experts - saving you time and giving your users the answers they need when they need them. 


Download the guide below and access other introductory material in the Getting Started section of SAP Concur Community.

New Member - Level 1

I am having issues when trying to process a credit card expense. It keeps giving me an error 




Occasional Member - Level 2

Rosiestinson6 THe reason your seeing that error is because your missing your VENDOR ID. That is a special id that tells the system who you are and the payment goes to you. You need to ask your accounting to create a vendor id.

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