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Turning off Auto Notifications

I get two Auto Notifications emailed to me on a daily basis for activities that we do not do.  I receive an Auto Notification for "Credit Card Feed not received" and "Expense Pay: Daily Funding Amount Notification".  Every morning I just delete these emails but I would like to find the opt out feature in Concur.  What is the best way to turn these particular notifications off for my user?  


I appreciate the help.  

Occasional Member - Level 3

I found an answer here:


For me, I just set a rule in Outlook to delete the email. It seems the setting is company-wide and not user specific. More details in Payment Manager user guide in the Concur Documentation:

Community Manager
Community Manager

@rdunn likely one of your site permissions causes you to receive these. I like @jvita 's suggestion to create a rule in Outlook to just delete the item or automatically move it to a certain folder.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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