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Limiting Ledger Views in Congos

We are currently adding additional ledgers (other business units) and our custom intelligence reports have been setup to select the specific ledger to pull the data from with the option that our corporate team can pull the entire companies reports.  With the new acquisitions, we are looking for a way to limit the other business units from viewing the other unit's ledgers.  Is this possible, or do we need to create new reports specific to each ledger?  I've heard of the BI Manager function, but I'm not familiar with how it works when it comes to the reporting process.

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Community Manager

@FMD the BI Manager option restricts those people to only see data for those that they are the BI Manager for. For example, BI Manager A is assigned as the BI Manager for Employees 1, 2, 3,  and 4. When BI Manager A goes into Intelligence and runs a report you have built, the report details will only show data for employees 1,2, 3 and 4. 


So, it is more for seeing individual data, but since those employees would likely be assigned to the same business units, the BI Manager permission technically would limit the BI Manager's access to only the business units assigned to those employees. 


You might wonder, "what if the employees belong to different business units"? The BI Manager would still only see the employees' data and not the entire spend of each business unit they belong to.


By default, an employee's assigned expense report approver will be their assigned BI Manager. Which makes it so you don't have to separately assigned BI Managers. However, an employee's expense report approver does not have to be the BI Manager. You can assign any user with the Can Approve permission to be the BI Manager for any other employee.

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