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Employee ID Locked

Is there a way to lock the employee ID field within the profiles in Concur?  In my past jobs this has been a locked field. In my current company it is not locked and employees are overwriting the data by accident causing problems with our integration. I entered a support ticket and they stated it cannot be greyed out which I know is not true.  Any advice? Below is the field for reference within the profile screen.



SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

@jnoble99 Hello!  Thanks for reaching out to the Community 🙂  I am showing that this field is hidden to the end user in your site:



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Melanie Taufen
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Occasional Member - Level 3

@MelanieT . Thanks for getting back to me. Unfortunately it is not hidden from the user.  Support initially said it was but when I shared additional screenshots from the user point of view, Support then came back and said it is not possible.  They said the employee ID is a required unique identifier.  We have the employee ID data filled in automatically by an integration we are running so it will always have data and never require the employee to fill it in.  The reason for the request was an employee of ours overwrote the data causing an issue.  I asked if the field could be greyed out initially and Support is telling me no. I know in my previous company the employee ID is greyed out and I know several other Concur Admins who have theirs greyed out as well and the set up is the same in regards to it being a required unique identifier and integration prepopulating it in. I am not sure if the current Support person doesn't know how to do this or if there has a system update no longer allowing it but I do know it is possible (or at least has been) so that is why I am questioning it. Here is a screenshot directly from an employee's account and you can see it is still open.  Thanks for any additional input.