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Cannot access system with two party authentication

The system does not push out a code to my phone , its really becoming an issue where i cannot access to book a room or flight.  My company does not have a concur admin.  I have not been able to access since you implemented the new access policy.


Typically on other systems i would get an access code, imput it to verify i am who i am and book my room-your system does not send me any code.  In a round about way i can use my phone to scan a UPC and get a code but when traveling its impossible to set up my laptop and phone to book a quick room.  Most of our folks now book direct because its just too difficult to access.  Whats the fix?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@jimbopa did you download an authenticator app to your phone? The SAP Concur system doesn't push out codes, it is done by an authenticator app.


I'm surprised to hear your company doesn't have an SAP Concur admin. Someone has to be in charge of some of the SAP Concur administrative tasks.


Anyway, from what you described in your post, it doesn't sound like you set up the two-factor authentication properly.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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