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Can I have two work accounts with SAP Concur?

I've browsed the entire programme, but I still can't figure out how it's feasible. I would like to use the app for both of my employers, SAP Concur, which I work for. That seems possible. similar to how you may have several Gmail accounts.


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Community Manager
Community Manager

@Shisui2027 So, you have two different employers, one of which is SAP Concur? I looked up your name in our directory and wasn't able to find you. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 2

@Shisui2027 if you mean that you work for 2 different companies, and both have SAP Concur, and you can report your expenses to both companies, and therefore you need to be created in both companies as SAP Concur user, as far as I know, this is possible, but not with the same login ID.

That means that, for example, if you are working for them as a freelancer, and you do not have 2 different company email addresses (one for each company), but only your own personal email address (let say, you cannot be created as a Concur user in both copanies with that same email address. That is because the login ID is global across the world. 

If I work for a company, and then I move to another one, there is no problem, because my company email will change (at least what comes after the and my login ID will be different.

But SAP Concur has not thought about other scenarios like:

1. Freelancer with only one personal email address --> You will have to create for yourself another email account

2. Big companies that could have different SAP Concur tenants (i.e. one for Europe, another one different in the US, or Australia..). In this case all employees, as part of the same Group, will have the same domain in their emails. And in case one employee from Europe moves temporarily to the US branch, as an expat, as he will keep the same email address, it will not be possible to create him in the US tenant unless you modify his login ID in one of the tenants. But this will be a partial solution. Let's say that login ID in Europe es, and in the US you create his login ID as my_name, then the Single Sign On will not work for him in the US tenant and he will have to enter with user & password (not desirable).

Moreover, even if you do not have expat employees, but one of the employees of the Australian tenant has an approver that belongs to the European tenant. Then the approver will have to be created in the Australian tenant as well, and once again, the approver will have a login ID in Europe different than the one in Australia. Otherwise, it will not be possible to create the approver in Australia, as Concur will say that his login ID already exist in Europe. And creating him with different login ID means confusion for the approver and missing the SSO.


From my point this should be redesigned an improved.