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Accountability of first level approver/manager

I'm looking for how other companies handle the accountability of first level or manager approval.  Do you have an excerpt from your T&E policy that defines the responsibility of the approver and when they review and approve what they are acknowledging?  Would love to hear what you do!

Routine Member - Level 3

Here's what our policy says under manager responsibility. Basically, the manager is responsible for the approvals, I'm only 'processing' the expense reports for payment; ensuring the receipts are there, everything is within policy, etc. There's no way for me to know what expenses are necessary. 


All managers shall:
• Ensure that, in all circumstances, the travel options utilized are the correct
business decision.
• When attending a business function, the most senior level person at the
function is responsible for payment of non-travel expenses incurred.
• Review and approve/reject each submitted expense report and ascertain that
the completed expense report complies with the company policy prior to
• If the expense exceeds their delegated authority, forward the expense report
to their superior manager with the associated Travel and Expense approval
level. Expense reports exceeding the equivalent of $5,000 USD will be routed
in Concur for ELT review and approval.
• Address non-compliance of the Company’s policy with the employee.

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