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UK Notification Effective 1st March 2024 Mileage

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Disclaimer: “Managed Rate Administration is a licensed service offered by SAP Concur with a recurring fee. The rate updates posted are for informational purposes. If you are an MRA customer, please open a ticket with support (with MRA in the subject line) to request the specific rate update. If you would like more information about licensing the service, please contact your SAP Concur Account Executive. Information about the service, please click here."


Dear administrator,


UK has recently advised of a change to the Company Car Fuel reimbursement rates, effective Mar 01, 2024.


Details can be found on:


Summary of changes:

HMRC Advisory Fuel Rates for business mileage from 01 March 2024:


Engine size




Engine size


1400cc or less

13p (previously 14p)

11p (previously 10p)


1600cc or less

12p (previously 13p)

1401cc to 2000cc

15p (previously 16p)

13p (previously 12p)


1601cc to 2000cc

14p (previously 15p)

Over 2000cc

24p (previously 26p)

21p (previously 18p)


Over 2000cc

19p (previously 20p)


Advisory Electricity Rate: The Advisory Electricity Rate for fully electric cars remains to 9p per mile.


Note: Please disregard these updates/changes if they do not apply to your SAP Concur configuration. Do not reply to this message. If these updates/changes apply to your configuration or you have questions, please, raise a Support case for MRA Team (Steps here)


If you are using the Travel Allowance and / or Mileage Service, please check the status of the Rate Update here (Regulatory Change Manager (

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