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Travel Allowance Service Launch 2022

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As of Q1, 2022, the Travel Allowance Service has been expanded to include support for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Next-Generation Expense UI is required.


Key Benefits

Travel Allowance Service consists of the following components:

  • Improved user interface delivered through the Next Generation Expense UI.
  • SAP Concur manages automatic rate updates for selected supported statutory countries.
  • The new configuration tools provide a flexible approach to supporting complex Travel Allowance (TA) requests.
  • Integration with the Next Generation Request.


Country Availability

  • As part of the TA Service launch currently underway, four additional statutory countries in Central and Eastern Europe are managed by SAP Concur. Statutory support for Poland was made available in July 2021 and for Russia in November 2021.
  • Previous launches provided support for Germany, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden, as well as Generic TA to provide additional support for countries other than those covered by the 14 planned statutory rate bundles.

Future Country Availability

  • Countries with Actuals versus Limits – United States; Italy
  • Austria

When to Use Travel Allowance Service

  • When a customer is using the Next Gen Expense UI and wishes to implement a new Travel Allowance configuration for a country not previously deployed on Legacy TA, the new configuration must be deployed using the Travel Allowance Service (where available).
  • The only exceptions to this are when a customer implements a new Travel Allowance in a Statutory Concur-managed country that has not yet been released and is supported by a core legacy TA solution. Whenever a country is scheduled for future release as an SAP Concur Managed Rate bundle, consultants should continue to implement customers in those countries based upon the existing Travel Allowance until the SAP Concur Managed Travel Allowance for that country is generally available. 
  • Existing Travel Allowance configurations deployed on Legacy TA will not be impacted, as these will continue to operate on the Next Gen Expense UI, which does not require migration to the Travel Allowance Service.


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