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SAP Concur Audit Service Options - What are the Differences?

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Site Administrators - You may have heard about some additional services we offer when it comes to auditing expenses reports. We currently offer Intelligent Audit (formerly referred to as Concur Audit Service), Concur Verify and Concur Detect by Oversight. Maybe you are considering one of these options but aren't sure what the differences are or which product would be best for your organization. 


During our Fusion 2022 event, we heard from some customers that they were not quite clear on the differences between the services. They spoke and we listened. This article should help clarify the three services we offer.


In the table below you will see a comparison of the three services to help you better understand some of their features. 


Comparison Table


  Intelligent Audit Concur Verify Concur Detect by Oversight
How are the audits executed?

By SAP Concur

*By the Concur Verify tool


Custom compliance checks

Yes (only with Intelligent Audit Advanced)



Who handles implementation?

SAP Concur

**Customer (with light SAP Concur guidance)

Oversight with assistance from customer

UI Languages

All supported product languages

All supported product languages

English only

Receipt and Policy Languages

16 languages

***16 languages

Approximately 50 languages

SAP Concur Edition

Standard and Professional

Standard and Professional

Standard and Professional

Implementation Consulting




% of Reports Audited

****Customer sets threshold from 25%-100%



When does audit occur?

Pre and Post Payment

Pre and Post Payment

Pre and Post Payment

Supports Company Billed Statements




Supports Sunshine Act

Yes: Intelligent Audit Advanced and must be on Professional platform




*Concur Verify audits 100% of reports, but the customer will need to audit reports where Concur Verify has raised an exception on the report

**Customers cannot use Intelligent Audit and Concur Verify at the same time
***No more than 1/3 of the receipts can be non-US English
****If your site allows sending back single expenses or splitting of reports, be aware of possible overage of your allowed submissions due to failed audits


If you would like to hear from product experts who have provided more in-depth information about each service, please watch the following videos:


Intelligent Audit (14:26)


Concur Verify (11:11)


Concur Detect by Oversight (12:59)


These services are paid services. If you have any questions about pricing, reach out to your assigned SAP Concur Client Success Manager. If you are not yet an SAP Concur customer, but are considering moving to SAP Concur for your business, please use our Contact Sales form to get in touch with a sales representative.


Feel free to comment on this article and let me know if these types of interview videos are helpful and if you would like more of them in the future. If you have a topic in mind, please put that in your comments as well. 

About This Author
I joined SAP Concur in November of 2008. I started out in the Learning Services department providing end-user training for Concur Travel and Expense. I was involved with training site administrators on some of the most common configuration options they deal with on a daily basis. In addition to SAP Concur specific products, I also provided training on Cognos reporting. I joined the Digital Marketing team on May 1st, 2021. I was recruited to this team because of my SAP Concur product knowledge and ability to answer questions and troubleshoot the most common issues posted on the SAP Concur Community. I am married with one fur baby; Gigi. When not working I enjoy traveling, trying new restaurants, playing Pickleball (Google it) and golf. Follow me here on the Community and on LinkedIn (