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How to Open a Case for Extract Services Team

The Authorized Support Contact of the company should create a support case containing the following attributes. The case will bypass the triage process and will be automatically directed to the proper queue to be assigned to the consultant.


Case Type:

Integration - Custom Extract/Split/Extract Services


Case Sub-Type:

Errors on Existing Setup: To correct general errors or extract failures.

Modify Existing Setup: To general changes on extracts.

New Setup: To implement a new job or file.


Subject: Recommended to the add the words “Extract Services - XXX”. Where the XXX represents the issue summary.



Should be a brief description of the desired changes, modifications, or issues that your company is facing. Preferable containing the following set of information’s:


  • Batch / Job Name
  • Output File Name
  • Affected Run Number
  • Entity Type: Test or Production
  • Any other information that may be relevant for the proper file identification
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