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Trip Details (Date Missing?)

Has anyone else noticed that the itinerary details screen in Trip Library no longer include the travel date for each flight segment in the Fiori display update?  Car Segments and Hotel Segments specify dates, but the ribbon with the day/date no longer displays above each segment.  The only indicator would be the Trip Start and End dates in the overview at the top.  This is not really helpful if you have multiple flights on different days.  In the Legacy UI , this was clearly marked on the itinerary. Does anyone know if this a setting that can be turned on?  

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Disregard.  I found that it is missing only when you have selected Morning Horizon or High Contrast White in the Fiori display.  If you select Evening Horizon or High Contrast Black, the dates show.  (Bu that comes with it's own set of issues.)


SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

@Kaluckb I'm so glad you were able to "fix" it.  Please feel free to submit as an improvement request if you have suggestions for this. To submit a new improvement request or vote on an existing improvement request, please visit the Customer Influence Website.


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Hi! I'm having the same issue and getting complaints. I've opened a case as well.