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Southwest Flight Changes E-Receipt


Our company recently implemented Concur and we are starting to see issues with Southwest flight change e-receipts. Our sceranio is a little different because we do use personal credit cards for all travel and expenses. Below is a scenario of what is happening:

A user booked a Southwest Flight in Concur for $375, and his personal credit card was charged for that amount and the E-receipt pulled over to his account for $375. The following week he relized he needs to change the flight home and the total of the flight was going to be $400. With Southwest they do not charge change fees, they only charge the difference. His personal credit card got charged for $25, however Concur E-receipt pulled over the full amount of $400 to his expense report. Meaning the total of his reimbursement should be $750, instead of $400. He can manually go in and make the change, however if you aren't being careful a user could easily get reimbursed for the full $750, when they should not be.

Our TMC (Gant Travel) only shows the new flight with the total of $400, and Concur is claiming that it is the TMC and is saying that "it is how the Southwest system pulls over to Concur". I believe there has to solution to this.

There is a lot of room for error with this scenario. If a user isn't paying close attention to their report they can be getting reimbursed for more than what is on their card. Has anyone had a similar situation to this? What is the best practice for this?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello @DPhelps 

Thanks for your post! 

Looking forward to hearing some insights from our Community members for their best practices. 



Beshoy Maoud
SAP Concur - Site Manager

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Happens all the time, not specific to Southwest Airlines.