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SAP Concur still shows cancelled flight



My company uses SAP Concur and CWT as its agency. I cancelled a flight trip by calling CWT directly and had it sucessfully removed in my account, as it no longer shows in the agency's website (MyCWT).


However, SAP Concur still shows it in my next trips and I cannot cancel it since it says to me to "contact my agency". Why is there such a syncronization problem? I even called CWT again and they checked that the trip was indeed cancelled in their system and they couldn't resolve it since it was a SAP Concur issue.


FYI it is a trouble for me since I need to book another trip in the same date but SAP Concur blocks me since there is conflicting dates.



Bruno Shirasuna

Community Manager
Community Manager

@BrunoShirasuna did you ever get this resolved? When you click on the trip name from the Upcoming Trips, what do you see? Are there any links or options?

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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