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Plane ticket not visible on Concur


My plane ticket is no longer visible on Concur. The trip is in my trip library with a status of "Ticketed" but when I click into it, it says:" Travel Details No Segments In This Itinerary." In addition, the Review Travel Details button is not active and can not be clicked. Any resolution?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@bt Here is what I found regarding the No Segments in This Itinerary. Sorry for some of the travel jargon. I think you'll need to call your company's travel agency. 


When a trip is retrieved from the Trip Library Concur sends a request to GDS and DC vendors to get the most up-to-date status. When we receive unexpected response, this can happen due to many reasons. Most common reasons and potential solutions are:

Cause Solution
the PNR is not accessible to Concur (Secured PNR) TMC will need to verify that the trip is accessible by Concur, i.e. if Concur can access the office id/PCC where PNR is currently at.
there are unsupported special characters in the PNR TMC will need to check if special characters were added to the PNR. Question mark - "?" - is the one most commonly found and needs to be removed from the PNR
airline or agent removed the segment. TMC will need to check if and when segments were removed by vendor (airline, car rental company etc.).
User and/or travel configuration changes GDS Original trip was created in one GDS, then user and/or travel configuration got linked to a different GDS. A trip needs to be recreated (reimported).

Note about removed segments: if airline or agent cancels the segment, this does not cancel the trip (itinerary) in Concur. It appears in user's trip library, but when user opens it, it shows "no segments in this itinerary". If there was a GDS PNR in the itinerary, it will be replaced by the Concur trip locator (starts with CQ-).

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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