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Outlook feature when 'Events' are created based on the content of the email not working.

Hello, this feature stopped working for one of the EAs I support a few months ago.  Previously, when an itinerary was sent, Outlook created an Event which was displayed at the beginning of the email as a blue tile with the remark "Outlook found new events", and contained segment details, and automatically added it to user's calendar.  This is not happening for airline reservations, but does work for hotel reservations.  I find that very odd.  I can find nothing wrong with the setup of her desktop Outlook or OWA, and both Concur support and Microsoft support have been unable to remedy.  Any suggestions?  Thank you.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@skoropi we have had similar topics come up here on the community. Since this is an Outlook setting, we don't have any other specific support other than what Microsoft mentions about using the Outlook setting for Events to automatically be added to the calendar. In our internal documentation, it is specifically stated there isn't anything within the SAP Concur tool to do a workaround or fix this.


It is odd that only air isn't getting added. You mentioned Hotels, but what about car rental? Is this only happening to this one person?

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Kevin Dorsey
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