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Middle name appeneded to First Name

Hi all, and Happy New Year -


I have a weird thing happening when I book an airline ticket.  In my personal profile, I have my FIRST, MIDDLE, and LAST names filled out (as I always have).  For whatever reason, when Concur and/or a CWT agent goes to book my ticket, my First and Middle names become part of a single first name.  As a result, NONE of my airline reward programs will recognize my name, and won't add my frequently flier numbers.  I have to call each airline to have them force it onto the reservation. 


Has anyone see this happen?  Is there a support path to get this resolved? 




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The same thing is happening to me. I've used concur for booking flights for a while but just recently did this change for me. It used to put my first name and my middle initial all as my first name on my boarding pass. Now it concatenates my first and middle name, requiring me to call the airline to change the name so I can to TSA Pre on my pass. I have considered changing my name in my SAP Concur profile to make my middle name just my middle initial, but i'm not sure if that will have repercussions throughout other systems.

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Because it is the airline's reservation system that joins your first and middle name in the boarding pass .
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I had trouble flying internationally as my reservation didn't match my passport.  Had to call the airlines and they changed it.  Anytime I use Concur I know I need to leave an extra 30 minutes at the airport to fix the reservation as they can't do it on the phone.