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Hotel Booking glitch - hotel requires a deposit to book - won't let me - my only option in policy

I would need help resolving the glitch as I am trying to book my hotel that is within policy and the only optimal option for location for the conference that is approved.. but when booking there is a glitch that the specific hotel requires a deposit to book and fails to book saying "that it is not supported by our travel policy".. is there any way to resolve? 


Would need to book urgently and wouldn't want to lose out on it.. The London Tower Hotel is the specific hotel I am talking about.. 


Thank you! 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@karolinavass43 unfortunately there isn't a work around for this as your company set up this rule to prevent bookings that require a deposit. Maybe call your company's travel management company to see if they can get you a room at the hotel that doesn't require a deposit.


Also, did every room show as requiring a deposit? 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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