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Concur new implementation - Request/Travel



My company will be implementing Concur this year and we are atarting to look at what the future travel process will be.

We were told that one of the fist thing we would have to decide was if the travel process was Approve then Book or Book then Approve. Is this correct and what are the implications of this decision and in what ground should we decide? 


If we select the approve and book how are the companiy policies managed? Can an employee submit a request with the flight/hotel pre-selected, the manager approves it, and what if something changes? Or the employee changes the detail of the trip, is it sumbitted to approval again?

And if the go to the Book and Approve, can we still make requests?

Thanks a lot for your cooperation!


Occasional Member - Level 1

Hello, did you receive any answers to your question?  We decided to do the Request then book option. I am happy to discuss.  We are trying to figure out the approval workflow and groups.