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Concur price is double the airline price

One of our staff was trying to book travel in January 2024 and the price going through the Concur site is double what the price is on the airline site.  Why is this?  We've had situations where Concur is higher but never by this much.  We don't have the resources to double check every booking.  How can we be sure we are getting reasonable prices?  We want staff to use Concur to book in order to have an approval mechanism and audit trail but we also need to be doing our fiduciary duty as a non-profit and government subcontractor.




Same flight was $488 on American Airlines:





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It depends on your company's travel policy set up in Concur. Without knowing all the details, it could be that Concur is offering a refundable flight price, while the image from the website is a non-refundable flight.

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it also depends on booking channel and point of sale (routing), several airlines have introduced cheaper fares on direct booking channels. You may want to check if NDC content can be added to capture those fares. I would recommend to talk to your Concur support and see also blog entry Concur.



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Community Manager

@SJStuhlfire just so there isn't any confusion...Concur Travel shows fares published by the airlines. As others have mentioned, your company's travel rules and policies also determine which published fares Concur Travel will show.


I just wanted to clarify for others who might come across this thread and think that from the title of the post that SAP Concur actually sets airfare prices, which we do not do. 🙂

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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