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New Member - Level 1

Can't add booking on airline website using the airline record locator provided by concur

Hello all,


I have made a booking using concur and was given a 6 digits "airline record locator" that is the exactly 6 digits for the confirmation number.


When trying to enter it on Air france or KLM website to link my book with my airline account, it says "Sorry, we couldn't find your booking. Please check and try again.".


Are we not able to insert the booking on the airline system? 


Thank you

Community Manager
Community Manager

@luiz you should be able to enter on the airline website. I would suggest calling your company's travel agency to see if they can help. As an alternative, you could always call the airline directly and have them add it to your account with them.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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New Member - Level 1

I just encountered this problem twice (outbound and return). Not sure if it's unique to Delta/KLM/Air France or also occurs with other codeshares. My situation: ticketed under Delta flight numbers, outbound operated by Delta from Amsterdam Schiphol and return operated by KLM from Boston. Amsterdam is special because even though it's a Delta flight you have to go to the KLM website for seat assignments (annoying!). Anyway, the problem is you actually have TWO confirmation numbers, not that the airlines or the Concur mobile app will tell you that! When I open my travel itinerary on the Concur website, the 6-letter "Confirmation" prominently displayed next to each flight is the AIRLINE confirmation number, and only recognized by Delta as the ticketed airline. KLM just gives that unhelpful error message. But at the top of the itinerary in Trip Overview, there's a different 6-letter code labeled "Agency Record Locator". This is the one that KLM (the operating airline) recognizes as the "booking code". Both airlines will also recognize the13 or 14-digit Ticket Number, also listed in the Trip Overview. But I could find neither Agency Record Locator nor Ticket Number in the Concur App! Nor are they listed in the handy Outlook reminder I got (from Concur or the travel agent?). Nor did Delta tell me those numbers when their check-in website told me to go to the KLM website. A problem when I'm on the road and trying to check in. I'll complain to Delta and KLM, but please also make the Agency Record Locator and Ticket Number accessible in the Concur app!