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Travel Policy Rules

We just started using Concur in January.  As the Corporate Travel Program Manager, I've been working closely with our TCM to add rules to ensure employees are booking within policy.  I'm a little confused about some hotel booking rules.  When an employee views rooms at a Most Prefered Hotel, they see all the hotel rates showing within policy even though a lot of them are not our negotiated rate.  We have a lot of hotels with negotiated rates so employees don't always know what the correct rate should be if they don't travel to that location often.  Our TMC said she could add a rule that basically says anything over $1 of the contract rate will notify me but she warned me that adding too many rules may hurt our adoption rate.  What is the best way to handle this?

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Re: Travel Policy Rules

That is great that you are looking for standardization to protect your hotel program.

My suggestions are to ensure that your hotel Concur load file has the appropriate classification of preference (Most Preferred, Preferred, etc.). I agree that you need a global hotel rule to make sure you flag non-negotiated rates as shown below. Please see Proposed Global Hotel Rule. Then, come up with standard message so your users can recognize the message in many instances (hotel searching criteria). This will help with your adoption rate. It would be important to have an effective Organization Change Management (OCM) strategy along with these configuration items. Perhaps, you can make available a quick guide how to search and identify the available rates (green and yellow warning messages) based on your hotel program.

Proposed Global Hotel Rule:
Hotel is Most Preferred and Hotel Rate is greater than the contract rate at this hotel plus 1 dollar (local currency).

Proposed Standard Message:
The Company rate at this Most Preferred or Preferred Hotel is not available. Please select another Most Preferred Hotel or Preferred Hotel with the Company negotiated room rate available (or something along these lines)... This standard message will help your users to look for hotel preferences, based on your hotel program.

Hope this helps!