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So this is one of many true stories I surprisingly experienced. I am changing the names but otherwise this is what happened I play in a band and I have many stories about my experiences doing that including how I ended up with my very hot British wife but this story is about our first swinger experience. So like I said I have been in a band for while. Many years ago I at one of our shows met a girl who showed up early. That was when I meet Leena. She was and is a very cute Bbw who had fantastic hair and huge boobs...we instantly became friends over hairstyles and wardrobe. being a band person I had my sexual experiences on the road, and my type was the skinny or slightly curvy girls which was my touring preference as well as my girlfriend and wife preference. Leena and I ended up friends but I was never attracted to her really however I did sometimes wonder about her breast size given they were massive. I'd never experienced **bleep** that big before. I feel a bit naive here given what I know now but I'll continue. After many years, shows and tours in the uk it came to be knowledge that Leena and her husband lived only a few miles away from my wife and I. After a festival we were all at she invited us to a dinner party at her home given we lived close and also invited us to stay the night so we didn't have to worry about having a few drinks and then driving home. It made sense so we, my wife and I, agreed So we went to their place for the weekend. My wife dressed very slutty it was a huge turn on and maybe she knew something I didn't, we enjoyed the evening. Had some drinks. Had a lovely dinner. Then things got more interesting Leena and her husband revealed that they were swingers and also bisexual. They were not pushy at all but just opened up about it. At this point I didn't know which of them might want either myself or my wife. But we remained calm and non judgmental. I should have known better given my bands singer telling me about the amazing **bleep** he received from her which I just wrote off as a band thing, not a swinger thing. But I and we respected how open and not pushy they were about it. Leenas husband then talked about his career and what he did and while I'm not going to say what that is, my wife was very interested and asked him for a tour of his studio. The two of them took off. And they were gone for about 50min. During that time Leena and I continued to talk about her bisexuality, as she found my wife really hot, as well as her swinger lifestyle to which I said I respected and was fascinated with but was more of a just my wife type of guy. BBW best porn paid sites: Feed her **bleep** her, Divine breasts, XL girls, . Read reviews, watch video and join with discounts: