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Occasional Member - Level 2

Moving to Bambora Invoice Pay starting 11/15/21

We just updated all the banking details and are now ready to use Bambora for making ACH payments. In the sample test run, we found that it added one more day to the payment schedule. Invoices released before 2.30 EST on Wednesday (11/3), now will be deposited in supplier's bank account by Wednesday of next week (11/10). Total full seven days. If there is a holiday in the middle, then it will take eight days. It will be hard to explain that ACH payments take 7-8 days to reach the supplier's account. 


Anyone has concerns about this timeline? I think they should change the closing time from 7.00 AM PST the next day to 7.00 PM PST the same day, so we can pay all the due invoices until 5.00 PM the same day. Our SLA with suppler and stakeholder is impacted and some of the scheduled reports will have to be updated as well. 

Occasional Member - Level 2

My company is new to Concur Invoice, I'm still trying to get comfortable with it before fully implementing it for all of our payments, but this is a huge concern for me as well. With our current process that we're moving away from, we're used to our ACH payments hitting our vendors' accounts on the third business day after we send them (or even sooner if we manually adjust the date). We are definitely not happy with the extended timeline.