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Approving new Vendors in Concur invoice

Hey Community!

We are looking at using Concur to request and approve new vendors, but I have a few questions which I am struggling to find answers for:

1) Approval workflow - is this definable or does it follow one of the existing work flows and if so, which one and what if you are using cost object approval? Or does the Vendor Request just go to one 'Vendor Manager' role to approve? We require dual approval on new vendors and these people may be different depending on the vendor so is this customisable?

2) The Vendor portal in Concur assigns a unique Vendor Address ID to a new vendor request and my understanding is that this is the unique 'key' which your accounting system uses to 'match' vendors - currently our Vendor Address ID is based on the Vendor ID in our ERP - does this mean our Vendor ID numbering convention will need to change to whatever Concur assigns to the Vendor at the request stage? Or can the Vendor Address ID and Vendor ID in Concur be different values, where our ERP Vendor ID matches the Vendor ID in Concur and the Vendor Address ID in Cocnur remains unique and populates a different field in our ERP?

3) Is the approved Vendor extract an automated extract or manual process? Is the information captured by the vendor request custmisable or standard?

4) Does anyone use this feature and have time for a quick chat and/or have any positive/negative feedback?

Thanks in advance!


SAP Concur, Former Employee

Hi @Richard_Chatter,

Great questions! Thanks for starting this discussion. I look forward to hearing what insights your fellow community members are able to share on using Concur to request and approve new vendors.

Ashley Bragg
SAP Concur - Community Manager

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Occasional Member - Level 2

Due to a lack of response from the community, I posed the same questions to the Concur support team - please see their responses below:

1)  "Approving vendors is not the same on how the approvers are approving the Invoices. Once vendors has been requested, the user with the "Invoice Vendor Manager" role will be the one to approve it. This is by extracting the newly requested vendors, reviewing these if valid or not, then importing it in Vendor Manager. Once imported, these are marked as approved. Currently, the Invoice Vendor Manager role is not group-based. The user with this role will be able to see all the vendors on the system."

2) "This is just a temporary vendor code and address code being assigned to the user requested vendors. This can be change when approving it as long as you are not going to update the Address Import Sync ID."

3) "There is a manual process by default which can be done in Vendor Manager. However, we also have the job called "Standard Employee Requested Extract" which can be scheduled to ran automatically just like the accounting extract. "

4) "Not that I know of. Some clients always use the Vendor Manager. Their only request is a way to approve vendors without importing and just do it on the UI which is now possible by enabling the setting "Enable Create and approval for Invoice Vendor" in Invoice Settings."

Hope that helps any body considering this feature - still keen to chat to anyone who is using it so I can fully understand the functionality?

Occasional Member - Level 1

I would like more information on the Invoice Setting for Enable Create and approval for Invoice Vendor please.

Occasional Member - Level 1

I would like to propose an enchantment to the vendor management section, which would make it possible to store multiple mailing addresses and banking instructions under one vendor code.

Thank you. Agnieszka