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Amending an Invoice after Approval

When an invoice is approved, are we able to edit the invoice? and re-route the invoice back through to approval?


At what status is this not allowed?



SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

@InvoiceUser1993 Hello!  Are you referring to an Expense Report or an actual Invoice?  


If you are referring to Invoice:


  • The Invoice Processor cannot "Send Back" invoices to themselves, this is by design
  • You will need to have another Invoice Processor "Send Back" the Invoice from the Invoice Processor tab
  • If the Invoice has been Extracted on a Batch, the Invoice cannot be recalled and modified. 

If you are referring to an Expense Report:


A processor can send the expense report back to the employee using these steps:

  1. Select Home or Administration > Expense (under applications side)
  2. Select Processor > Process Reports
  3. Under: Find every report where, select and enter search criteria about the expense report such as the user's name or the report name
  4. Select Go
  5. Double click the expense report to open it
  6. Select Send Back
  7. Within the popup window, select a Reason Code (if required) and enter a comment
  8. Select OK

Note: Not all expense reports can be sent back to the employee.  
An expense report can be sent back if:

  • It is submitted but not yet fully approved
  • It is fully approved and in Processing Payment status (only applies when the workflow setting that permits this is active)

An expense report cannot be sent back if:

  • The Payment Status is Paid or any part of the expense report has been extracted
  • The Payment Status of the expense report is Processing Payment and the workflow setting that allows processors to send back reports that have not been extracted is not active.

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Thank you,
Melanie Taufen
SAP Concur Community Moderator
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