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what happens to old employee data after 320 import ?


Down the road, we may need to update our current employee IDs with new ones. I know that the 320 is the best template to use to update employee ID and Log in ID.

My question is: will the new employee ID replace the old one in all employee-related records created previous to the update (expense reports, invoices, and reports)?

The employee Import Specs Documents doesn't explain if  update of the employee ID will apply only to future records or if once employee ID is updated, the old one is no longer there. As result, all previously employee data will reflect the new ID. Please help


Thank you so very much in advance,

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee



When changing the Login ID or Employee ID or both on a user account, the account will not lose its Expense and Travel history. The accounts on SAP Concur and its history are saved on our database with an internal, constant value, the employee key, which is not affected by these changes.