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Which business/corporate credit card providers do you link with?

Hello, we are just setting up with SAP Concur. Our bank can't link our current business charge cards across to SAP Concur  it possible to have a list of who SAP Concur can integrate with so we can make life easier? We are looking at Capital On Tap at present - is that one?


Thank you for your help with this Lydia

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Hello Lydia,

You can see a list of Concur's Partners here  I would suggest choosing "Partner Type" as "Financial Services" and you can see the list. I had a quick review, and American Express, Capital One, Citibank and US Bank all show up. That said, I have used other financial institutions with Concur without an issue. Many of the larger brands have worked with Concur before and can set up the needed card feed into Concur.

Hope this helps,

Travel and Expense System Administrator
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We are looking at a service such as Brex, Divvy, Ramp or Mesh. Do these (beyond Brex) integrate the credit card feed with Concur Expense. I checked the link and went to the app center and I do not see these listed. How would I know their capabilities and if they are able to integrate with the expense system for corporate cards?

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We're considering services like Brex, Divvy, Ramp, or Mesh.

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