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personal credit cards being paid by company - default is out of pocket

We are still in implementation mode and have come upon a few stumbling blocks. We are a small company (less than 20 employees) where most people travel. Historically the company has allowed employees to use one personal credit card  exclusively for business expenses, the credit cards are paid for by the company, and the employee gets to use the credit card rewards.  We were told that Concur could handle this and that instead of defaulting all expenses to "out of pocket", that after one expense report was submitted and synched with our general ledger it would eventually default to the proper payment method we have mapped to our GL account for that employee.  however, now a few months in we are told that Concur cannot handle this set up and each expense brought over from the employee credit card synch has to be manually changed from "out of pocket" to the proper payment type, which really defeats the purpose of trying to streamline and using an expense system. Has anyone dealt with this and found a work around?  Option would be to go to one corporate credit card but I  know that will not be well received by employees who have enjoyed accumulating points for their business travel.  Thanks in advance.

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The mapping to your GL accounts should be coming from the Expense Type they select. The Payment Type field only shows which type of credit card was used when the corporate card is attached to the user account in our experience.   We only use corporate cards, so the only "Out of pocket" entries that we have are for Travel Allowance (per diem for meals). 


You can view and set the Account Code mapping by going to Expense>Expense Admin>Accounting Administration (if you have the required permissions).  

Community Manager
Community Manager

@emwinston in reading your post, I think there was some miscommunication. 


First let me ask...if employees are using personal credit cards, what should the proper payment type be? I'll await your reply, then address the rest of your post. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Hi Kevin,

Thank you. Employees are using personal credit cards that are Paid for by our Company.  The payment type should be to a general ledger liability account for each employee - for example : Ellen M AMEX- (that account gets debited when the credit card is paid, and the allocated expenses fed from Concur show up as credits and in the perfect world will bring the liability account to zero. Each account has been mapped in Concur, so if you drop down the payment type, all the various general ledger liability accounts will show up and we were told after a few credit card cycles the system would know to default to that persons liability account.  However we have now learned that is not the case, and everyone is defaulting to out of pocket and must manually change the payment type from OOP to the correct credit card liability account for every transaction, which for many of our traveling team  is over 30 transactions a month.    Hoping we may find a work around.  Thank you!