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how to expense a negative transaction - Got a refund on Citi card

I was double charged for an expense in March 2021.  I completed and submitted a dispute form to Citi.  I now have a credit listed in my available expense.  How do I submit this in Concur?  The charge was submitted in March.  It is not listed any longer in current expenses - only the refund is listed.  

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Hi MMartin -- depending on where you are in the world may depend on the process your internal company team handles the situation. It may be best to speak with someone from your company on the steps to follow.

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dear @MMartin 

in your case, you could have your system administrator to hide the Debit and Credit card transactions OR, and this is what I would do, include all transactions to the expense report so they clears completely from the system. 


Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari
Community Manager
Community Manager

@MMartin another option you can try is to add the refund transaction to your next report and mark it as a personal expense. That way it will not affect the total requested amount of your report, but you get the charge cleared out of your Available Expenses. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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This may depend on whether you have a company paid card or not.  Check your past reports to see if you imported the charge even though it was disputed.  If the card is company paid, just add the credit expense to your report and comment when the original expense was submitted so audit can see that it was credited.  The credit will go back to the company and be reported.  If the card is paid by the employee and that charge was submitted, the employee rec'd the payment and paid the bill.  The credit still has to be imported and it will reduce the amount returned on the report because the employee is rec'g a credit on the statement.  Again the comment detailing when the original charge was submitted should be included.  When there is a disputed charge, I recommend they leave the charge in the import area until the credit comes in.  Then both come in together and are a wash.

Nancy Murray