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expense help

i bought some baby gifts for a colleague from our whole dept on my company credit card. i kept within the authorised amount, added everything to concur. 

my colleague then left for maternity leave 5 weeks earlier than planned, so when i go to submit my expenses i get a message stating that gifts should not be purchased for 'non employees' i know her status will have changed on the sytem, but have no idea how to get around this

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Vicki is the system giving you a red circle with an exclamation point? I take it you are not able to submit the report, is that correct?


Based on your description, if I had to take a guess at what happened, it might just be that you added their name incorrectly to the expense reports as a Business Guest or Employee (not using Concur) instead of adding them as an Employee. If the person you bought the gift for has a Concur profile, you can search for them using the Advanced Search button on the Attendees section of the expense. Be sure when the Advanced Search screen comes up to change the Attendee Type to Employee (it defaults to Business Guest). Most people make this mistake and add fellow employees as Business Guests when they can just search for the name and pull them from the system.


If this doesn't help with the issue, then I would suggest speaking to your manager or someone in Finance/Accounting who gives approvals to expense reports and ask them what you should do. Sounds like the Gifts expense type requires additional names.

Let me know if this makes sense or if you need further help. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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