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duplicate expenses

I purchased something on my company card and we have or concur set up to where the expense auto populates in concur. well I reported that expense manually before it populated within the system and it still populated. my question is do i have to wait for the expense to auto populate every time or is there some sort of correction feature that will correct for that that i am not seeing?

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You have to wait for the corporate card transaction to arrive in Concur before submitting.  If you create the expense manually then you won't be able to select the correct card transaction Payment Type, meaning it will be treated as an out-of-pocket expense and reimbursable to yourself.


If your report hasn't been approved yet, you will be able to go into the report and Recall it.

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Super User

Keep in mind that it can take 3-4 days for the charge to appear in Concur for importing into a report.  If you have manually entered the expense , then Concur should match the charge when it comes into the report if all the manual data is the same.  You have to open the Concur application on your pc as this does not really work on the app as well.

Nancy Murray